:beer: @drewbeer is exploring Suiyoubi no Neko (水曜日のネコ) (5%) by Yo-Ho Brewing Company rated 3.4/5 and said Really fruity for a Belgian white untappd.com/b/yo-ho-brewing-co

:beer: @drewbeer is exploring Vanilla Villain Vanilla Cream Ale (5%) by Prosperity Brewers rated 3.7/5 and said Solid cream ale, not too much, but on the lighter cream side untappd.com/b/prosperity-brewe

:beer: @drewbeer is exploring The Pale Royale (5%) by Ballast Point Brewing Company rated 2.2/5 and said I thought this was going to be delicious, it's not. Taste like that fake pine scent. Like drinking pinesol. Just no. Cool artwork though untappd.com/b/ballast-point-br

:beer: @drewbeer is exploring La Rumo (7.5%) by Cerveceria Inmigrante rated 4.2/5 and said Taste like Nutella, really delicious untappd.com/b/cerveceria-inmig

:beer: @drewbeer is exploring Red Lager (4.6%) by East Brother Beer Company rated 5/5 and said Freaking delicious. I wish I had bought more. Perfect for the early 5am 911 untappd.com/b/east-brother-bee

:beer: @drewbeer is exploring Tomorrow's Clear (7.3%) by Dust Bowl Brewing Company rated 3.5/5 and said Last of the dust bowls. No more Brawndo. untappd.com/b/dust-bowl-brewin

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